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Double is a new location-based dating app for double dates – where you and a friend go on a date as a foursome.

I’m originally from the US, but my co-founders Ben Greenock and Gary Mac Donough both have roots in Scotland.

In order to differentiate Sirca from big-name competitors, we took a bright, colorful, and congenial design approach, focusing on strong typography that establishes hierarchy and user flows.

We even tested various color palettes under myriad light conditions to ensure a product that was attractive and easy to comprehend under practical usage, any time of day.

As users change their passwords (against your kerberos server, via some unspecified process), you could replace their user Password entries with [email protected] (as described in the Admin guide) and do away with hashed password entries altogether.If you like someone and they like you, then it’s a match and you can have a group chat inside the app.Double makes dating more fun, less awkward and safer.Modern navigation apps have become pretty advanced, unless you need to stop along the way.The ask from our client partner was simple: define the strategy, design, technology, and distribution behind an elegant, simple navigation app that makes it easy to plan stops along your route.

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