Facebook marketplace not updating Pinay live show chat room

So one needs (especially OPT students) to be very cautious and careful while choosing an OPT employer or OPT work.Having a good employer is very vital so as to avoid any legal, payments, and immigration issues in the future and of coz getting work assignments at reputed companies by not being on bench for too long.This gives you a unique opportunity to network yourself to whoever is hiring at the moment.Everyone expects to get contacted via or even [url= but Facebook is not a professional network, and therefore you contacting somebody professionally could actually help you stand out from the crowd.

OPT/CPT job seekers who signs up and enters basic resume details on our site, can avail below free services With the consulting regime conquering the IT scenario, many OPT (Optional Practical Training) employers are in the fray to make a quick buck.Around 450million users are already using Facebook groups to sell, buy and barter products/services.But these transactions have always happened by the cooperation between the buyer and seller. In 2007 Facebook tried to regulate this process with the new Facebook Marketplace.Since then, the internet has been quick to compare Marketplace to Craigslist, and poke fun at the strange and illegal items like baby hedgehogs, halal food, guns, and drugs being sold on the new platform.Now, Marketplace is temporarily down and the rollout is delayed, as Facebook fixes up some “technical glitches” that allowed these posts to pass through their filters.

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