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Your television is a world inhabited by great looking people.It’s the only place where you have cops, doctors, and lawyers who could easily be models.Both male and female singles said they found lawyers to be the hottest of all careers - it must be all that intelligence that floats their boats.Dudes who work as doctors (duh) and women who work in marketing (random?Years of TV have taught us that this is what lawyering is like.The next night, on ABC, gave us a more laid-back look at the law.debuted on CBS and rehashed all the hallmarks of attorneys on TV."Look at the person next to you," one lawyer intoned to a firm’s new recruits. Do better than them or you’re gone." Stressed-out associates sifted through depositions and broke down in bathroom stalls.

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And of course, there are careers that also make people immediately unattractive to us (anyone else turned off by magicians?A perfect case is New Girl’s lovable but hopeless Nick Miller.Not signed in Now Jake Johnson (and thus Nick Miller) is actually fairly good looking guy.It takes the right firm, the right boss, and the right timing for an attorney to swim in the same dating pool as an aspiring dolphin trainer.And even with all the logistical hurdles cleared, fear of what the firm will say once the footage airs can tongue-tie a contestant.

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