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He had a cdl class a and endorsed for double and triples. I did 8 yrs 3 months and 3 days I was released in 2014. If you have any questions or some of the quidelines certain companies have, please feel free to email me. They hired a guy with 3 months experience and didn't even road test him.

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W (Palmdale CA) I believe I found two trucking companies that hire felons. contact me 251-307-9240 I have been on trouble before and was told that I wouldn't find work in this industry. No felony theft conviction This is just a handful for examples. Some companies want to see court papers or anything to do with your charges.

I was released 7 months ago and have been looking for a trucking job. A rehabilitation job counselor gave me two companies to call and said they don't care about your past. I have gotten my Cdl A 2 years ago and still cant find someone who will give me a chance lucy I didnt come out of my own pockets to get into a school and get my cdl I knew at the begining it was giing to be hard to obtain a job because of the fact that I have a second degree Possession within a intent to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance although it have been seven years ago but still no luck so Im warning anyone with a drug charge its going to be a rough ride but if this is something you want to do then go for it me personally im not going to give up right now Im unemployed so Im about yo start classes to obtain every aspect there is in the forklifting market I know alot of warehouses who dont care about your felonies as long as you can operate a forklift safely and know what your doing then they will give you a shot i figure if i can get into a company and show that im a hard worker dedicated and always on time then maybe if I present that I have a cdl a maybe they will give me a chance either way im going to win but the main thing is never give up stay bless and learn from your mistakes because I have Hi I've been Try in to find a trucking school to go to my felonies are bout 3 year old and I keep getting denied to schools. Violent Felonies and Heavy Drug charges will be scrutinized closer or closely in the company hiring decisions. But i have proven that to be not reality for or anyone else that have a past. Felony applicants take a little longer to process due to they have to be approved by several departments.

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